The Simple Summary

—The year 1979 brought about a couple of notable things in Boulder, Colorado: the first Bolder Boulder took place and the Colorado University Events Center opened. Meanwhile, in August, a certain family welcomed their new baby boy to the world…. me. While that event bore no significance to the rest of the city, it did allow me to stake my claim as a Colorado native and the option to proudly display a bumper sticker on my car that says so.

I don’t remember much about Boulder because slightly after I turned four, my parents decided to leave the colorful state and Boulder’s fabulous view of the Flatirons for the barren back country of west Texas. I think that this decision was motivated by my grandparents, who had been living there, and they may have either outright purchased or assisted with purchasing a house for us there. I spent the next nine years in Texas enjoying a small-town childhood before returning to my beloved state of Colorado and eventually settled in to my adult life.

I’m terrible with segues, but this is a brief introduction to what this experiment is all about: a journey back in time, regaling my memories for your entertainment.   I’ve read somewhere that the average attention span is pretty slim, so my aim is to keep this short and sweet before we get on to the fun stuff! Thanks for hopping on!!