Boulder Beginnings

—I think that because my life began in Boulder, a seed was planted that blossomed into the unconditional love I have for Colorado today. My own roots were established in the state and I eventually met my soul mate there; each of my children’s roots were planted there as well. Boulder itself represents the beginning of my life, the life of my little brother as well as the few cherished memories I have of my mother and father together.

My parents weren’t affluent, but the memories we created together were rich. They rented an apartment not far from the downtown area of Boulder and I believe they were managers of the complex (or at least worked for the landlord in some capacity). I was told that when I was a toddler, I’d walk around our immediate area of the complex and, for whatever reason, our neighbors were compelled to give me food. Don’t mistake this statement: I was a very well fed kiddo. One might even say I was “chunky”. My mother has shared on several occasions that I was exceedingly adorable as well and people would stop her on the street to admire little baby me, so I like to think (jokingly) that this was the best way for my neighbors to gain favor with me.

stuff the kid’s face and he’ll be back so we can “oooh” and “awww” at him; maybe even get away with pinching his fat cheeks!

One neighbor that I apparently frequented was an Asian family. Perhaps they sought to help bring further prosperity to my belly; their subsequent offerings must have been more than acceptable since I so cheerfully returned so often. To this day, I absolutely love any variety of Asian foods. I have to admit when it comes to food, I’ll try virtually anything at least once and reflect that this may be because of my indiscriminate forays from my early childhood. That said, Asian foods bring me the most pleasure and delight!

I can’t imagine how this same scenario would play out in today’s times. It’s ridiculously funny to think that I was just this young, free-roaming fatty fellow accosting my neighbors for whatever foodstuffs they were willing to provide. My cynical side says that my dear parents would get visited by CPS or something, or at the least, neighbors would scoff and sneer at the lack of my supervision. I am forever grateful for it, though. I saw true generosity, comradery and, perhaps most importantly, many, many snacks!

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